Which Operating Systems Will The Software Run Under?


  • 7
  • 8.1
  • 10


Unix – only under Microsoft Windows simulation

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Can I Run The Software On Diskless Terminals?


  • Thin client
  • Thick client
  • Wireless handheld devices

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Can The Software Capture Data From Electronic Devices?

Yes - from.                                 

  • InLine checkweighers
  • Metal detectors
  • Torque meters
  • Force gauges
  • pH meters
  • Electronic scales

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Is The Software Compatible With MS-SQL?


  • PS-Line Monitor
  • PS-Quality (via ODBC)
  • PS- Pharma (via ODBC)

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Does The Software Run In A Web Browser?


  • PS-DT/OEE (Reporting)
  • PS-Quality (if running thin-client)
  • PS-Pharma (if running thin-client)

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Can I Use A Third Party Report Writer To Produce Custom Reports?

Yes, the data can be accessed using the ODBC drivers suppled with products such as Crystal Reports. ICCS Ltd can supply custom reports for use with Crystal Reports

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Can I Use My Existing CAT5 Cabling To Connect The Checkweighers?

Most checkweighers have only serial communication ports however ICCS Ltd can supply Serial to Ethernet converters to enable customers to use their existing cabling. This is a cost effective option particularly on large sites.

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Can The Data Be Viewed In More Than One Location?

Yes, the database can be located on a server and the applications can be installed in multiple locations. The applications can then be pointed at the server using either a drive mapping or the full UNC path.

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Does PlantStats Line Monitor Require A Seperate PC Or Server?

No, PS-RTDC can be run on a PC that is used for other applications. The most important factor is that the PC must be left running at all times.

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Is There A Wireless Option To Connect-up The Checkweighers?

Yes, Bluetooth cards can be fitted to the checkweighers to give a wireless connection upto 100 metres.

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Why Does The Message "This is a Demonstration System" appear?

The software has been installed and is running without a Dongle being fitted. Fit the dongle to the collection PC/server and restart the software.

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Can Data Be Exported From The Database Into Excel Or Access?

There is no direct export facilty, however, the database is fully ODBC compliant and data can be read directly from the database. Warning: use only certified ODBC drivers Opening database tables directly in Access or Excel will corrupt the data. Call ICCS Ltd for more information.

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