Bulmers Case Study

Bulmers Case Study

The Customer

Bulmers (Ireland) Limited, part of the C&C Group is one of Irelands leading manufacturers, marketers and distributors of alcoholic beverages such as Magners, Bulmers (Ireland) and Grants whiskey. The site at Clonmel in County Tipperary has recently undergone a vast expansion programme creating one of Europe’s largest bottling plants.

The Problem

With the introduction of new fermenting and blending facilities and additional bottling lines Bulmers wanted a quality monitoring system that could accept, alarm, analyse and report on quality data captured at all stages in the production process from blending through to palletisation of the finished product. Other key requirements where the need for complete traceability and the ability to capture some of the data on portable hand held terminals.

The Solution

After reviewing a number of potential systems suppliers Bulmers chose the PlantSTATS QUALITY module.

PlantSTATS QUALITY PCs where installed in the process area, at various locations on each production line, in the laboratory and on manager’s PCs in their offices in addition to a number of portable hand held devices.

PlantSTATS QUALITY has brought a number of immediate benefits to Bulmers:

  • Greater accountability from all those carrying out Quality Assurance checks.
  • Provides a single data entry point for operators performing machine setup tests.
  • Superb for problem solving as its trending capability separates fact from supposition.
  • The Line Status program allows all managers of individual areas to see at the end of each shift that all tests were carried out at the correct frequency and were within standard.
  • The wide range of test templates available covers all new applications, making Bulmers paperless – both now and in the future.
  • Its pareto-functionality provides Bulmers with a very powerful tool to drive continuous improvement.

Paul O’Sullivan, Operations Manager of Bulmers said: “All of the above not only means a more pro-active and accountable Quality Assurance system but into the future it has a very real potential to save us a lot of revenue by driving right-first-time philosophy.”